Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s no secret that skateboarding has had a major impact on street style clothing and the people who choose to wear it. Whether you’re Rocket Power shredding or simply keeping up with the latest trends, wearing the clothing of well-known skate brands will always have you looking your best.

This Fashionisto chose one of the most classic names in skate brand history for his look: Zoo York. Created in the ’70s and in full force by the ’90s, this brand was inspired by graffiti, skate punks, b-boys and popular artists of New York. During a time when skaters were seen as punks and their style seemed more dirty than up-and-coming, Zoo York showed the fashion world that they weren’t there just to make skate decks, but also to set the standard for modern-day graphic apparel.

As seen on this Fashionisto, the graffiti design is still commonly found throughout many of their T-shirts and continues to inspire a lot of their modern skate decks as well. While some may see graffiti as a sign of rebellion, others see it as a creative enhancement for society. This is definitely the case for this outfit where the colors in the design are what bring the whole outfit to life!

Using the colors in the graphic as a base for his wardrobe, this Fashionisto chose to utilize different shades of pinks and blues to pull his look together. By choosing a paled-out pink for his shorts and darker blues for his hat and shoes, the T-shirt remains as the main attraction. However, with so many colors to choose from in the top, the accessorizing possibilities are seemingly endless!

Accessorizing an outfit that has one very loud center piece, immediately sounds like a bad idea. Picking things that won’t overshadow but will properly coordinate with the main design, can be a tricky process. This Fashionisto made it look easy by switching out his shoelaces for a set that stuck with the shirt’s colorful theme, and picking a cap with a subtle-toned pattern.

The original skate brands were all founded on the basis of creativity, expression and showing the world who you really are through the clothes that you choose to wear. Whether you do so through a bold graphic or not, remember that the OG’s of your favorite brands will always be there to help you do so!

Hint: This look is meant to be casual and easily replicated. Choose your favorite graphic T-shirt, and follow it up with coordinating pants and shoes that won’t overshadow the shirt’s design. Accessorize with subtle patterns and tones to further emphasize your chosen graphic, and you’ve nailed the skate-inspired them that this look requires!


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