LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Young Businessman

Let's Hear it for the Boys

At a school like mine, conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia and without the traditional setup of a campus, we are free to explore and anything can happen. You can buy a mix tape off of a self-proclaimed rapper on a street corner after your lunch date and head over to Boyd’s to try on some Prada within a few city blocks. There are plenty of young people in the city like my rapper friend who are trying to start businesses for themselves, and that is how I happened upon this Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto-slash-entrepreneur runs a modeling business, so it is no surprise to me that he has a certain air about himself that screams stylish. The clothes are subdued but classy and accessible; a simple sweater and oxford shirt set him apart from the sweatshirt and baseball cap set, but he does not look so done-up that he looks overdressed or uncomfortable. He can easily run from his last class to a meeting. The boots are sensible for the city streets and casual, but their interesting color stand out. Here, this Fashionisto utilizes the pop-of-color trend in his otherwise neutral ensemble, and it makes the outfit interesting while retaining its practicality and comfort.

Hint: In getting dressed for the winter months, it’s easy to bundle up in neutral colors and get lost in a crowd, but who wants that? Try spicing up your everyday look with a  colorful shoe like this Fashionisto here. You can also try a classic piece in a bright color, like this shawl-collar in sapphire from J.Crew. Happy dressing!


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