LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Winter “Blues”

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The winter blues are upon us. However Fashionistas/os these “blues” that I am talking about here are not the sad blues you may be thinking of. These “blues” consist of the shades of navy, teal and indigo appearing throughout campus during this snowy season of winter. With blue being my favorite color, spotting this Fashionisto was easy. He shows with his attire that the cold does not mean you can hide under a big jacket and in everyday jeans.

Not too long ago, when you Fashionistas/os would hear of the trend colored pants, two things would come to mind. These two things would be: spring and women’s fashion.  However, that is not the case anymore. Colored pants have been taking over men’s fashion lately and they’re not just found in the warmer seasons. Jeans may seem like the apparent go-to but replacing them with them with khaki’s, corduroy and colored cotton pants is a more stylish yet suitable approach.

This Fashionisto brought out some color in the midst of our snowy white weather here.   He dressed himself in blue vintage straight-fit textured blue cotton pants from Banana Republic. This shade of blue is dark enough to be able to be worn in the winter but light enough of a shade to not be mistaken as jeans- which is important to look out for!  He also paired these pants with a gray sweater from Banana Republic. Gray was the perfect color to match with this shade of blue. When wanting to add some color to ones attire during the colder seasons, it is best to select one article of clothing. The gray balances out the color just perfectly! He also was sporting his favorite pair of Timberland’s, which seem to be the fan-favorite here at PSU within the male crowd!

HINT: Make sure when wearing blue during the winter, to make sure they’re darker shades of your usual chosen color. If you like pink, opt for a maroon or dark red.  Colored pants can be dressed up or dressed down also. When wanting to dress them up, add a blazer! Also, Timberland’s aren’t only one kind of style, even though it may appear that way.  They have many types for any kind of style (these are my favorite!).


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