From the Editor, Let's Hear it for the Boys

My guy friends read the site and will often find themselves saying, “I can’t pull off printed pants,” or “A man bag is too over-the-top for me.” After going through the whole, “You can make a trend your own,” or “Never say never to a man bag,” it usually ends right where we started. I get it, guys—when it comes to fashion, there are some things that take risk and confidence to pull off.

But there is no trend more simple and easy to pull off than the white T-shirt. It seems like ever since Marlon Brando sported one on screen in A Streetcar Named Desire looking as handsome as ever, the white T-shirt has never been the same. I mean and who can forget how cool the white T-shirt looked on John Travolta’s Danny Zuko in Grease? (Tell me about it, stud.) The T-shirt is so simple and clean; yet it packs a punch and makes a statement like few garments can.

Perhaps the best thing about the white T-shirt, however, is how each Fashionisto can make it his own. Take this Fashionisto, for example, whose ensemble worked to make the white T-shirt look downtown chic. By sporting a quilted bomber and beanie, this Fashionisto illustrates he knows a thing or two about fashion without being over the top. His relaxed black pants and sneakers give a casual feel to the whole look. But no matter how impressive the rest of his garments are, the real showstopper of his look is the white T-shirt. The stark, bright color pops off the rest of his darker clothing.

So whether you consider your style preppy or hipster, bohemian or fashion-forward, all guys out there can take note from this Fashionisto and make the white T-shirt look their own. It is a trend that has truly withstood the test of time (and a few musical numbers).

Hint: The power of the white T-shirt rests in its clean look. So, don’t rock the same T-shirt you wear to the gym or bed to class. Purchase a high-quality white T-shirt for a worthwhile investment.

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