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With Christmas past, it is often assumed that the chunky sweaters should be stashed away until next year’s holiday parties. Usually these winter pieces were gifted by mom or grandma and are now collecting dust in the back of your closet just because you don’t know the right way to wear them! This Fashionisto shows us how you can keep wearing those warm garments while being perfectly in fashion.

Out of the many different types of winter garments, this Fashionisto selected a sweater vest for this chilly January afternoon. A sweater vest is the perfect layering pick when it’s cool outside but not quite time for a full sweater or coat. It’s a classic look, so you never have to worry about not being able to wear this year’s purchases next year.

The sweater vest gives off an air of sophistication in many circumstances, and it gives the impression of an intelligent, traditional guy. In most cases, the sweater vest could be considered preppy and fun, but pairing a button-up in coordinating colors under the garment gives the outfit a classier look. He layered a small checked button-up underneath and rolled up the sleeves a bit on the forearms to make the ensemble appear more casual. He was also careful to make sure the vest fits him right. This is a common problem men make when selecting a sweater vest. The vest will look comical if it’s too small; if it’s too big it will look like a hand-me-down from your big brother.

The details of the vest itself will allow you to express yourself, too. This Fashionisto’s vest has a V-neck cut with white and burgundy trim in a classic cable-knit design. Choosing a neutral color with a pop of color along the neck like this sweater vest will suggest that you appreciate trends and fashion a bit more than the average guy. This Fashionisto pairs three shades of blue together: his navy blue jeans, the royal blue vest and the lighter blue checked button-up. The blue hues coincide effortlessly. Furthermore, the red and white trim on the sweater vest stand out in contrast!

Sweater vests look equally good with nice blue jeans or trousers or with the shirt tucked in or left out (just as this Fashionisto wears his). Skip any sort of athletic shoes and pair this look with loafers or boots for a laid back vibe.

Hint: You can buy sweater vests for men almost anywhere men’s clothing is sold, from Macy’s for around $35 to Ralph Lauren for $225. Sweater vests can be as basic or luxurious as you’d like since they’re available in materials from plain cotton knit to cashmere or wool. No matter where you shop, you probably won’t need to stray off your price point to find yourself a sweater vest.


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