LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Spring Transition

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With spring, it is commonly understood that the weather patterns are bound to fluctuate. With that being said, it can often be difficult for a person to go from shorts and a T-shirt during a warmer day to coping with chillier weather the next. This Fashionisto is a great demonstration of how a warmer look can be a spring look as well.

It can be difficult resisting the urge to send your entire winter wardrobe home during spring break. We all experience that desire to have warm weather stay once spring arrives, but the reality of it is, cooler temperatures always make another appearance. This Fashionisto made a smart decision when choosing to keep his warmer wardrobe with him at school. This ensemble is perfect for those cooler days, but still allows pops of spring color to shine through.

Quarter-zip sweaters are great for transition seasons. They can work as the base of an outfit or they can pull an entire outfit together. In this case, our Fashionisto is using his quarter-zip sweater as one of the primary pieces in his look. This brown knitted quarter-zip creates a break between the two main features of his look, his striped button-down and red chinos. By scrunching the sleeves of his sweater, he gives his ensemble a casual vibe. When sleeves are scrunched, it not only gives the look a casual feel, but it also allows for temperature control. This look can be taken from the cool mornings, to the warmer afternoons and back to the cooler evening temperatures. Having such a versatile piece in your wardrobe can be very beneficial during these transition seasons.

Colorful pants are also great during the spring season. The large pop of color is the statement in this Fashionisto’s look. It is easy to add flair to an outfit by simply adding a pop of color to a predominately neutral color palette. In this case, our Fashionisto’s red chinos create a statement against his neutral brown quarter zip.

Even for men, accessories are a great way to polish off an ensemble. This Fashionisto pairs his brown Sperry Top-Siders with his look to accent the color of his quarter-zip sweater. He finishes off his look with a watch. Watches are a great and useful accessory to add to an everyday look. A spring pop of color, layering and accessories create an ideal look to start of this Fashionisto’s cool spring day.

Hint: Men, a great way to add a statement to your look is through the use of color. A colored pant or colored shirt underneath a sweater is the perfect way to demonstrate the colors of spring while coping with the cooler temperatures.


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