LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Road Where Plaid Meets Varsity

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As mentioned in my “Style Guru Bio,” I hope to scope out Queens’ campus for juxtapositions of fashion stereotypes. I came upon this Fashionisto, who pairs a navy and white plaid shirt with an olive green and camel Varsity jacket.  He polishes off his look with a pair of dark wash jeans, clasped with a silver buckle belt and a pair of tan lace up shoes. This is what I love about his street-style ensemble: you not only see one trend, but multiple trends that collectively create a differentiated look. Varsity jackets have been a trend on campuses since Varsity sports were introduced. Only recently has it been a trend to wear a Varsity jacket even while not being a football player, or the like. Plaid shirts could be referred as cowboy-esque or preppy, depending on how the shirt is worn. Though the plaid shirt is a trend on its own, the plaid shirt, more or less, complements the varsity jacket. This Fashionisto’s tan lace up shoes harmoniously coordinate with the leather camel-coloured sleeves on his Varsity jacket. The tan stands out against the dark indigo of the jeans and the olive green of the jacket, ultimately grabbing onlookers’ attention.

The advice I want to give to Fashionistos when they want to pair a piece with a Varsity jacket is to make it their own. They do not need to delve deep into the persona of a Varsity athlete to achieve this look. The jacket is a versatile element, bringing the whole look together, however Fashionistos style it. This jacket option from Roots or this simpler version from Urban Outfitters are both great to wear with an everyday outfit.

Hint: A pair of dark wash jeans or beige chinos look great with a Varsity jacket. Therefore, Fashionistos should choose whichever pant better complements the color of their Varsity jacket.


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