Let's Hear it for the Boys

The birds are coming out of hiding and starting to chirp again. Students are coming out of hiding and rejoicing that they’re not going to slip on ice again for a long time. Spring is here! There is a skip in everyone’s step, and the idea of walking to class doesn’t sounds that dreadful. While walking to class, I couldn’t ignore this happy and cheerful Fashionisto. His style was easy-going and perfect for this time of transition between seasons, and his attitude was the same.

Fashionistas/os alike often struggle to find the perfect outfit for the time between seasons. The weather is unpredictable. You don’t want to be caught in rain with shorts on, nor do you want to be sweating while walking to class in that heavy knit sweater. Plus, we have all been in classrooms that are either saunas or the polar ice caps. Like this Fashionisto, you can strike the perfect balance and hit the right note as well.

We come back to the ultimate fashion savior – the art of layering. If you think it’s going to be a slightly cooler day, wear a thicker material t-shirt underneath and layer it with a lighter cardigan or flannel. If you think it’ll be slightly warmer, wear a lighter cotton t-shirt underneath and add on a warmer cardigan or light weight jacket. I have always found it more comfortable to wear the warmer (for cold weather) or lighter (for warm weather) item in the layer closer to my skin. For example, if its cold the warm sweater will keep my skin warmer since it’s closest to my skin, but if it’s warm I’d wear a lighter shirt underneath so if I really need to remove the top layer because it’s too hot I have a lighter material underneath to help me cool down. Layer to your preference, but always make it a point to choose pieces carefully. Be comfortable and well-suited for many temperature possibilities.

Another thing that this Fashionisto is striking the perfect note with is his choice of color. Colors portray your mood. His choice of a light blue chambray button-down and a neon tank top underneath depict his easy-going mood. You can try elaborate patterns on the tank top as well if you want to add more dimension. Paired with the chinos, this outfit screams ‘spring!’

Hint: Being a Fashionisto is not just about what you wear. It’s also about what you carry with you. If you play an instrument or are a photographer, carry them with you. If you want to jazz them up, try this guitar strap from Souldier Chicago and camera straps from Phat Straps. They’ll be sure to add some spunk to your style.


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