LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Return Of Winter

Let's Hear it for the Boys

For me, the worst part about coming back to Montreal from San Francisco after the winter holidays is the snow. Although some may enjoy it, I grew up without having to deal with it because San Francisco doesn’t get quite as much snow as Montreal, read: we don’t get snow there at all. And while the mountains of snow on the sidewalk and the slush on the ground isn’t ideal weather for me, it does give people the opportunity to break out the winter wear.

Some people like to wear a Canada Goose and call it a day. That may be fine and dandy for extremely cold days when function matters the most, but on calm days where it hovers around freezing you can switch things up by layering pieces that wouldn’t normally be warm enough on their own. This makes your wardrobe seem less mundane and allows you to take off the outer layer when things get a bit warmer in class or on the metro (why do they always have to have the heat on so high anyways? It’s all about a smooth temperature transition).

And this brings us to today’s Fashionisto, who also happens to be from the West Coast. The simple look is a peacoat over a sweater, but the Alive and Well hoodie caught my eye, as I’ve been wanting to hit up the Seattle boutique since I’ve heard good things about them and seen a few of their collections. I’m a sucker for colored denim, and the straight cut chocolate brown 501s from Levi Brand Jeans are a great complement to the navy sweater, but what I love most about the outfit are the tan shoes. They’re an excellent alternative to boots if that’s not really your steez. Just make sure the shoes you substitute your boots for are a high cut and made with a durable material, like the full grain leather upper of these Nikes. The color is Timberland-esque, which gives the shoe a winter feel.

Hint: If you can grow a lumberjack beard in the winter it might not be such a bad look during the cold season. Paired with a nice haircut like this, you could be the envy of every Lumber Jack and the apple of every Lumber Jacqueline’s eye. Of course shaving your mane once if gets too hot and itchy in the spring can be a bummer, but you’ll look great in the winter! It’s all about grooming though, make sure you trim and take care of it. Manscape, man.


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