Let's Hear it for the Boys

It is so interesting to think about the influence that a hairstyle can have on the way we dress. Hairstyles can give us the confidence to dress in a certain way or can give us stress when they fail to complement our look.

That’s why hairstyles will always be an important part of allowing us to express what we feel aesthetically. This time, I was able to find a Fashionisto who was able to reinterpret the concept of an Afro style and appropriate it in order to achieve a unique look.

This Fashionisto is amazing, wearing what at first glance may seem basic. But when I spoke with him, I managed to understand that behind this look there is a clear and well-established concept. He told me that his heritage comes from various parts of the country, including musical references and fashion icons . In that moment, I realized that however simple a look may seem if there exists a clear concept then that makes the look original.

This particular Fashionisto is using a classic shirt made from great fabric, some skinny jeans and some casual shoes. This complements the look wonderfully with an amazing hairstyle that makes this Fashionisto an icon on campus.

Hint: You can buy some clothes at a low price and combine them with other garments to make a more complicated outfit. Also, adding accessories can achieve an amazing effect without spending a fortune.


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