Let's Hear it for the Boys

Jerseys can be an excellent way to support your favorite team or you can wear it because it happens to go with your favorite pair of shoes! Jerseys are very stylish and remain relevant in fashion because people tend to wear them in many different ways. I have seen people wear them casually to the store, to a game, as a dress and of course, to class! Jerseys can be purchased as authentic or as a replica but that is based on personal preference and/or budget. I love the style of jerseys because of their versatility but also the style of how they are made. Life is definitely more interesting because you can know a Fashionisto’s favorite team or player instantly. Even though you may not think of it often, athletes and their style choices with jerseys, or even shoes they play in, tend to start a new fashion trend.

This Fashionisto is wearing a blue Chile World Cup adidas jersey. Details of this soccer jersey can frame the body perfectly. The stripes on the top of his jersey allow his shoulders to look broader and add length to his frame. He is also rocking a pair of denim joggers that gives the effect of a pair of jeans (joggers are more comfortable). The Fashionisto tops his look off with a pair of The Hundreds shoes. These neon colored shoes definitely make a fashion statement. The color scheme of his ensemble comes together perfectly! I am a sucker for sneakers just because it can be very easy to color block and add that little extra pop to your look!

Hint: Accessories are critical in the fashion world because there is nothing like that little extra detail. This Fashionisto is rocking a gold watch and gold ring to add to his look. You do not have to overload with accessories but a little extra watch or a simple ring can allow you to express yourself that much more!


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