Let's Hear it for the Boys

Finals have passed! Although, there are many people staying on campus for a list of miscellaneous reasons, including: summer classes, internships, jobs or just a time to enjoy all the recreational activities that our campus offers! I spotted this Fashionisto looking like he was going to meet a professor; even though, I never was aware of his true plan. His entire outfit looked polished and classic. The element of his outfit that I noticed most was his great choice of denim! In my eyes, this Fashionisto truly possess’ the perfect wash. It’s hard to find a good pair of denim that is fitting for a laid-back type of day, as well as, a meeting with a professor, but this Fashionisto nailed it!

Every additional item that revolves around this “perfect wash” holds versatile and comfortable traits. Nike is a quality brand that I recommend any Fashionisto to depend on. Nike Free Runs are known for their lightweight frame; not-to-mention, the soles that bend every which way for a consumer’s visual display of comfort.

The sporty watch that this Fashionisto is wearing, gave much mystery and versatility to his outfit. For all I know, after this Fashionisto left campus, the button-down might have been stripped down to a white T-shirt and the travel home might have consisted of a bike ride.

Overall, the gingham button-down, Nike tennis shoes, sport watch and the cute usage of his shirt pocket (did I mention how cute it was?) all came together to make the outfit suitable for the occasion. However, when you have an indigo washed denim that is forever a classic, anything from a collegiate sweatshirt to a blazer works.

Hint: Don’t be afraid that staying on campus after the spring semester will cramp your low-key summer lifestyle. This Fashionisto displays versatility and comfort that only comes from a classic item, such as a good pair of denim jeans. You should have one good staple that possess’ the ability to create many looks, including the low-key summer vibe you’re looking for!


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