LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Hills are Alive

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Julie Andrews knows what she’s talking about: fill your life with as many of your favorite things as is humanly possible and then you won’t feel so bad. So sing, dance and strut your stuff in your comfy clothes as the days get darker and the weather gets colder. Whether it’s a circle scarf, a pair of worn-in jeans or even those patterned fuzzy socks, there’s a certain nostalgia that’s associated with your favorite items in your closet. The never-do-wrong, infallible ability of our comfy clothes gives us comfort in these days where we’re trying to resist watching Netflix all day in lieu of going to class. So instead of watching The Sound of Music all morning, solve the problem like Maria and grab your go-to outfit that never fails.

The best part about playing up your favorites is that it can help formulate your signature look, such as the case with this Fashionisto. His Urban Outfitters varsity-style jacket in a bright crimson hue shows our Fashionisto’s fearless sense of style and attention to collegiate attire. However, so as to not go back into Cuse fashion history circa 1960, he combines the updated classic bomber with more modern styles. Sporting a Cotton On chambray button-down and Mossimo Supply Co. undershirt on top along with H&M khakis down below, this Fashionisto seamlessly blends two eras of fashion together in one look. The gray Nike tennis shoes harmonize the other neutrals in the look, and balance the color family contrasts.

Hint: Bringing together multiple fashion concepts together in one look is a bit daunting. How can you pull off aesthetics stretching across a wide span of chronology without looking like a walking History 101 textbook? Simple—look for revisited styles that have been reworked, re-conceptualized and recreated to fit contemporary examples of good design. A skinnier cut on a 1930s-style trouser or a graphic print applied to a vintage sport coat makes the old fashion new once again. Just don’t cut shorts out of an old pair of curtains… only the von Trapp children can pull that off.

So don’t bid adieu to past fashion eras just because we live in such a hyper-modern time. In fact, that’s even more reason to bring it back and create an original with something that was once loved! Maybe that trip to Salvation Army will be worth it, after all.


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