Let's Hear it for the Boys

So we are knee-deep in the holiday season, which really translates into one daunting word for students: finals. This one painful week per semester is known to be the most stressful and overwhelming 168 hours students experience. It’s a time of cramming for exams, studying hours on end, staying up all night and maybe even falling asleep in your corner at the library. Not only are finals on our shoulders and running our minds, but winter is also creeping in. The temperature has been decreasing with each passing day, which only causes unwanted discomfort when walking around campus. If you are not properly clothed, you may lose concentration while taking an important exam. A super cold season can cause a difficult styling process for some Fashionistas/os. But have no fear because this week’s Fashionisto shows us how to dress appropriately in a totally trendy way, as well as how to end the semester with a bang!

Layering has always been a popular trend in the chilly seasons, but this year it has turned into a serious craze at Montclair State University. This makes complete sense, as layering provides great insulation while creating an awesome stylish look. This Fashionisto is loving his layers and he looks good doing it! His first layer is a burnout crew neck sweatshirt in maroon. To add depth, he is wearing a black puffy vest with small zipper details. His final layer in leather is my favorite, of course! The black leather jacket is a great touch as the last addition to his outfit. I especially admire how he consciously paired garments of different texture. This decision makes for a cool edgy feel and is perfectly flattering. To match the dark colored vibe, this Fashionisto is wearing a pair of darker wash straight leg jeans. On his feet are black Feiyue sneakers with white and maroon details, which pulls together the entire look.

Hint: You can still look good in stressful or overwhelming situations. Finals may be difficult but dressing fashionable for the season shouldn’t be! If you find yourself staring at your closet with no idea what to wear, go for a layered look. It’s always trendy in the colder months and it’ll keep you warm. The key to this, though, is to not overdue it. Layering can mean as little as adding a sweater on top of a polo shirt or as much as adding a vest on top of that with a cardigan on top of that. Try to limit the layering to three garments to avoid busyness or use your styling expertise to decide. Study hard, Fashionistos, and good luck!


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