Let's Hear it for the Boys

Grunge has once again treaded its way onto the fashion scene and continues to rule the streets and the runway. This ’90s inspired style has completely dominated the world of fashion, and it seems that we just can’t get enough of the dark-loving decade. An edgy look certainly wouldn’t be complete without a great pair of shoes­, and boots that were made for stomping are your go-to essential to keep your ensemble cool, tough and on fashion’s forefront.

Dr. Martens have held their status as the “it” shoe for the perfect touch of hardwearing grunge. This boots’ rebellious spirit has seeped into every corner and crevice of youth culture. The iconic shoe has become a staple throughout the decades. Consequently, the subcultures who have donned “Docs” read like a “Who’s Who” of youth culture: skins, punks, hardcore, goth, industrial, grebo, grunge, Britpop… the list goes on.

Dr. Martens’ capability for bold self-expression and their ability to create a variety of unique looks make these classic boots appealing across the globe. Docs can be seen with the quarters flapping open, deliberately unpolished and scuffed or laced precisely with a military sheen on the toe.  Each and every pair is different. Here, this well-dressed gentleman sports oxblood Dr. Martens with flashy yellow laces, and he shows why these boots have their reputation for alternative cool.

Paired with his edgy footwear, this Fashionisto sports black, strategically distressed, slim fit denim trousers. Distressed denim has once again made its comeback, and everything from acid washes to perfectly placed patches and rips can be seen covering legs this spring.

To complete his look, the featured fellow dons a bold printed button-up with his effortlessly cool ensemble. Take cues from this impeccable gent and opt for a paisley print in a pastel hue to keep your look fresh for spring.

For an expressive look this season, slip on a pair of Dr. Martens to add the perfect hint of rebellion to any ensemble.

Hint: Looking for shoes that make a statement in warm weather? Pair these heavy tread, clear vinyl oxfords with a pair of groovy socks, and you’re all set!


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