LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Cooling Effect

Let's Hear it for the Boys

People, people far and near, I have a simple story to tell here. A man breezed by me you see. On that chilly windy day he had to let the world hear what he had to say. But the remarkable thing about it is that he did not say a word. His style made him heard. That makes him a Fashionisto.

This Fahionisto had tons of options to choose from to express his style. He could have dressed wild and exotic like Lady Gaga. He could have dressed professionally like Tim Gunn. But he made his choice wisely. He decided to keep it calm, cool and casual. That was distributed evenly throughout his look. He starting from his black hat all the way down to his gray leather loafer.

His plaid shirt added some color to his monochromatic cool palette because of the purple added to it. He layered his shirt with a gray coat. His outfit consisted of different tints of black which added to the constant feeling throughout the look. Pairing his shirt and coat with dark denim brought the tone of his look. He wanted to keep everything dark.

To spice up his wardrobe he put a twist on it. He added a patterned scarf. But the pattern on this scarf was made up of lighter colors like tan, baby blue and a deep ocean blue that matched his pant. That scarf influenced the color of his shoe. Those tan loafers are the product of that.

We cannot forget that he is a college student so he finished of his look with a book bag. But not just any old book bag. His is different. It is a multi-purpose bag. It can be worn two different ways and used for anything. When you have the look you also need the brains to match.

Hint: Fashionistos, you do not need bright colors to stand out and get noticed. Apply different techniques to your wardrobe like layering. Sometimes the more subtle things are the more worthwhile they are to look at.


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