LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Cool Kid on Campus

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Do you ever find yourself intrigued by someone just by observing their style? It’s as if they radiate coolness that pulls you in and makes you unable to look away. The confidence they display while wearing their clothes makes them stand out in any crowd. I personally am so envious of these people; they are the cool kids on campus.

I stumbled upon a Fashionisto with this exact aura while walking through the UU plaza. Drinking an iced coffee and looking at his iPhone, he completely embodied the definition of cool. I couldn’t help but notice his bright red converse (a pair of shoes that never go out of style) and mustache patterned socks which added a pop of color and pizzazz to his already awesome outfit. I especially love his jacket which gives a modern take on the peacoat. It’s single row of buttons and thick collar make it look effortless and casual.  Paired with a striped henley, super skinny jeans and polished off with a classic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, this Fashionisto is as cool as a cucumber.

So take note from this Fashionisto and be confident in the clothes you wear! You’ll stand out in the sea of Cal Poly Fashionistos simply by the way your personality emulates your style. I mean who doesn’t want to be a cool kid on campus?

Hint: Make this look your own by accessorizing with a bright colored watch. The added pop of color will give your outfit a unique touch.


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