Let's Hear it for the Boys

Graphic T-shirts and button-up shirts go together like a cat and its yarn, or in this Fashionisto’s case, its guitar. Never have I seen a shirt with such an amazing graphic, that I had to stop this Fashionisto for a picture. I mean come on, it’s a cat in a hula skirt with a coconut bra playing a guitar. Trust me, you would have stopped him too! Fun graphic T-shirts are a great way to add some character to any outfit on those days when you don’t feel like wearing anything extravagant, but don’t want to be boring either. No one wants to be a bore.

Having such an interesting graphic on a shirt could easily be used as a conversation starter or simply to brighten a passerby’s day. This Fashionisto chose to rock a solid black T-shirt with the graphic in white so that it could pop and be seen without any struggle. Because the shirt is monochrome, he decided to layer a vibrant red button-up to add a touch of color. This shirt also acts as a barrier to those spring breezes that he may catch on our windy tunnel of a campus. To complement the chill vibe of this outfit, this Fashionisto wears a pair of basic dark-wash skinny jeans. For his kicks, he is walking in a pair of vintage style desert boots that look as though they have seen many journeys around the world.

In the spring with the sun becoming more intense, a pair of shades is essential to any outfit. This Fashionisto wears a Ray-Ban inspired pair of sunglasses that can protect his eyes from the glare of the rays and also the people around him. You can never go wrong with a graphic T-shirt and button-up shirt. It is a classic outfit that would be good for those early morning classes, or just those days that you don’t feel like trying.

Hint: Make it even more of a classic look by wearing a flannel button-up shirt, rather than a solid color shirt. It adds more quirk and excitement to the eyes on top of the crazy graphic.


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