Let's Hear it for the Boys

Hang up your winter coats, it is officially spring! It’s time to start shedding those heavy, over bearing winter coats and trade them in for lightweight jackets. Now we haven’t exactly reached the shorts and sandals kind of weather just yet, but I can guarantee warm weather is on its way. It’s exciting because I’m already starting to see a lot of popular new trends bursting forth just like new plants around the campus.

One of the latest trends this year seems to be what I call the “grungy rock” look. 2014 is all about making big and bold statements with our fashion. It’s all about the graphic tees, the studs and being different from the rest. This Fashionisto caught my eye with his darker sense of style. He was wearing one of his favorite band T-shirts, black skinny jeans and his gray PUMA sneakers. He dressed up his look a little by adding a gray beanie, some wristbands and a cross necklace. All of these elements blended in and worked well together as he managed to pull this look off, including the merging of different shades of black and gray. The additional contrast of the red and white adds just the right amount of color, making his outfit standout and get noticed.

Hint: Regardless of any look you’re trying to create, a beanie is always a useful thing to have in your closet. They fit with almost any style and definitely helps when you’re having a bad hair day! The fun thing about beanies is there are all sorts of different kinds and colors to fit the occasion. With statements being a big trend this year beanies are starting to blow up everywhere.


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