From the Editor, Let's Hear it for the Boys

Read just about any list of must-have fashion items and a trench coat is bound to appear on it. The trench coat, which has been credited to Thomas Burberry, was originally a garment created for the British Army. During the World War I, the trench was modified to include shoulder straps and D-rings (to hold swords and map cases). When these veterans returned home after the war, they kept wearing their coats and thus the iconic fashion garment was born.

A lot has changed since World War I but the trench has endured the test of time. The key? Modernizing and making the trench your own. This Fashionisto is a prime example of personalizing the trench. I think too often the trench is thought of as a classic, preppy item. But as this Fashionisto (and my latest collection of eBay) can attest, there are plenty of options to make the trend your own. This Fashionisto’s style is definitely more edgy then preppy and yet the trench still works. Thus, he opted for a more modern cut trench. The simple almost architectural lines have a minimalistic feel to them. It’s a no frills trench that can really go with just about any outfit.

This chic look is only amplified by this Fashionisto’s other clothing choices. He used his trench as a layering piece, which is very on trend this season. His white collared shirt and heather gray crewneck keep the color palette neutral. His amber, tortoise sunglasses add a pop of color and a retro sensibility. Perhaps what I love most is the khaki colored cardigan he layered just underneath his trench. The color of the cardigan and trench are almost identical, making it look like one garment instead of two separates. This simple styling technique definitely makes this Fashionisto’s trench unique and gives him a one of a kind look.

So when finalizing your holiday wish-list, don’t be afraid to put the words “trench coat” on there. As this Fashionisto illustrates, this is one thing that is sure to never go out of style.

Hint: There is no better color combination this fall then khaki and navy. This Fashionisto paired navy kicks with his khaki trench for the perfect color combo for the season.

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