LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Tailored Outdoorsman

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Spring has started, which means that the day should be sunny with birds chirping, right? Unfortunately, this is not how the weather wants to act quite yet. Snow continues to fall every couple of days, making us feel that this upcoming summer will never arrive. Alas, layering is our only option, yet a few Fashionistos around campus stick out their necks to look trendy in this unforgiving weather.

This Fashionisto decided to stay warm with the combination of a simple button-down shirt and a denim jacket. His button-down was a great color to start an outfit off with; neutral tones flow well with all sorts of combinations because they are easier to match. I liked that his button-down was original, in the fact that there were bird graphics across the entire shirt. This shirt, found at Urban Outfitters, said more than a plain or camouflage button-down ever could. Through my eyes, it screamed adventuresome and outdoors-inspired. His Levi’s jacket, an essential for every Fashionisto, was a great choice for blocking the wind and staying warm. It went well with the rugged outdoorsman look he sported. Up here in the mountains, this is one look that will always be a classic.

The gauges added some distinctive flavor to his outfit. They gave off a unique vibe that most people cannot rock. Personalizing your look is what helps you stand out. The white gauges, paired with the neutral button-down, contrasted perfectly with this Fashionisto’s dark hair. His pair of black jeans and white shoes complemented the outfit, considering how they were neutral in color, too. The blue denim was the life to this outfit’s dull, neutral color-scheme. It helped bring out that slight hint of blue in the gray of his button-down shirt. Overall, this outfit was a great classic that had excellent personalized touch-ups. Kudos to this Fashionisto!

Hint: Button-down shirts and denim jackets go hand-in-hand with each other, especially when you try to pull off an outdoors-inspired look. Thrift shops tend to have an abundant amount of both tops, but you have to find the right store. A pair of black jeans can be pulled off with many looks, if you haven’t tried rocking them yet. If you are in the beginning stages of becoming a Fashionisto, it may be a good way to branch out of your norm.



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