Let's Hear it for the Boys

I recently returned from a mini vacation to New York City. As I wondered around the city, I noticed many ice cream trucks that had me reminisce about my childhood in New Jersey. I remember vividly how my sister and I would run around the playground, and then a familiar tune from afar would start to echo. As soon as we both realized that it was the ice cream truck, we both hurried to our mom and begged her for a dollar so that we could each buy an ice cream cone. She would then hand us each a dollar and we would sprint towards the ice cream truck to order our favorite rainbow— sprinkled vanilla ice cream. Both my sister and I were happy indulging our ice cream cone that day. It’s the little things in life such as an ice cream cone that could brighten anyone’s day, regardless of what age they are.

It’s funny that I was recalling about my childhood memories when I spotted this Fashionisto from a distance wearing a DECIBEL ice cream cone T-shirt and a gray pair of Volcom chino pants from PacSun. I approached him and snapped a picture because I admired his laid back sense of style. This Fashionisto showed us he has a keen eye for detail because he chose to wear a pair of light brown Vans that matched perfectly with the cone details of his T-shirt. No laid back skater outfit is complete without the most important accessory— his skateboard.

Hint: Can’t decide which food item graphic T-shirt to purchase? I suggest you buy as many T-shirts as you can. Let one day be ice cream T-shirt day and another day be cookie T-shirt day. Remember to have fun with your wardrobe because you never know whose day you might brighten up.


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