LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Sweet Like Cinnamon

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Twenty-twelve is long gone, and we are almost one month into the new year, so hopefully, those New Year’s resolutions are still holding strong. Typical resolutions that students make include “studying harder,” or “going to the gym more often” or “being more organized”. But this Fashionisto had another thing in mind: a fashion resolution.

During his pre-Fashionisto days last semester, I can recall seeing him roaming around campus in hoodies and band tees. Oh, boy, has he upgraded since then! It seems as if this Fashionisto has purged his closet completely and adopted a polished look.

Taking a step back from the ever-so-loved cardigan that continues to be a huge favorite, this Fashionisto opted for a textured cinnamon-colored half-zip sweater. If you’re not feeling the textured element, how about trying these cashmere half-zip sweaters from J.Crew. Not only ideal for keeping the wearer warm, half-zip sweaters are also perfect for layering. Underneath, he wore a dual-toned gingham button-down shirt. Button-downs are such a staple in men’s fashion — every man needs to own some, especially in gingham. Check out these tailored gingham button-downs from Banana Republic.

What I really enjoy about this Fashionisto’s outfit are his color choices. His half-zip sweater is colored in such a deep tone that I would believe that it’s emitting warmth through its dye. The soft blue found on his gingham shirt was the perfect contrast to the maroon. To balance the entire palette of the outfit, his green-tinted grey chinos did the trick flawlessly.

Hint: Instead of the pedestrian ritual of matching colors, flex those style muscles and wear colors that complement each other. Doing so will infuse life and high energy into your outfits.


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