LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Super Fly Sneakers

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Shoes are the perfect way to make your own style and I believe any true Fashionisto knows how to work his shoe game. Finding a pair of shoes that both represent you and mesh with your overall wardrobe can be difficult, but this week’s Fashionisto found a way to do both.

I was automatically drawn to this Fashionisto when I spotted his colorful sneakers. His Nike shoes, were decorated in yellow, aqua, red, blue, purple and white. The mix of colors don’t sound like a pair of shoes one would automatically want to buy, but the colors worked together so well it made me want to go ahead and purchase a pair myself. Take a look!

While many may have been confused as to how to incorporate such a unique pair of footwear into their outfit, this Fashionisto kept it simple. It can be easy to overwhelm an outfit with shoes like his, but with light jeans and a must-have beige jacket, this week’s Fashionisto managed to avoid that problem entirely. The neutral colors in his outfit not only brought life to his sneakers, but the cool tones kept them from becoming a negative distraction.

Another great aspect of his outfit was his printed Supreme hat. The popular cap was an interesting move considering his previously mentioned shoe game, but it worked! Although it was printed, the black and white print kept a good trend in his neutral toned look. Therefore, the print neither added nor removed too much from his shoes. His black scarf complemented his hat and helped add the perfect amount of personality and style, without crowding the look.

Hint: Shoes are great but I find it’s best to remember that simplicity is key when it comes to something risky and different. Like this Fashionisto, keep in mind that neutral colors will help your shoes looking the best. Even just a solid colored shirt can help bring out your favorite color in the shoes in a simple and effective way. I dare you to find a pair of unique shoes that embody your style, and find some things in your wardrobe that will show them at their best. I’d love to see what you find!


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