Let's Hear it for the Boys

The weather here in North Carolina is getting warmer by the week, and one thing comes to mind when the temperatures are on the rise: less clothing. Okay, maybe it’s not the right time for Speedos and bikinis yet, but it’s definitely time to strip off heavy wool pea coats and scientifically-engineered North Face jackets fit for trekking the Adirondacks. It’s still too chilly for tank tops, but it’s far too warm for thick coats. Yes, the period between winter and spring has fallen upon us. Today’s Fashionisto vested it up for the occasion.

I caught this Fashionisto perched by the flagpole while I was walking through the quad. He looked almost regal underneath the American flag, waving in the cool breeze. To me, his outfit exuded the greatest value that the United States stands for: freedom.

This Fashionisto’s vest spoke to me. Through its warm tones and soft feel, it’s reminiscent of the past holiday season, which was full of coziness and warmth. Its pattern almost parallels that of a tacky Christmas sweater. Although Christmas is two months behind us, this Fashionisto exercised his freedom of expression and rebelled against the norms of fashion. If you’re looking for a stylish vest that doesn’t make too great of a statement, try these fleece vests from Patagonia. The vest is meant for layering. Take this Fashionisto for example. Underneath his vest, he layered an untucked button-down shirt in emerald green, which happens to be the color of the year. The juxtaposition of emerald and the tones of the vest provided a gorgeous display. This Fashionisto proves to us that a vest is always best.

Moving to this Fashionisto’s feet, he wore what looked like a fusion between a high-top sneaker and a boat shoe. Slightly worn-in (how shoes are supposed to be), his kicks were made from an array of different color suede. Despite his eye catching shoes, what really grabbed my attention were his socks with the word ‘TUESDAY’ stitched a few inches above the ankle. Funny thing is, it definitely wasn’t a Tuesday when I spotted him. Freedom! If you’re feeling like going a little crazy, how about snagging a pair of these eccentric socks available at Urban Outfitters.

Hint: Exercise your freedom of expression and flex your layering muscles. On colder days, slip on a crewneck sweater under your vest. Try a long-sleeve henley on warmer ones.



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