Let's Hear it for the Boys

As spring is beginning to make an appearance this year, you begin to see the shift from heavy winter clothing to lighter spring apparel. Layers are shedding before your eyes as you see many choose to leave their winter jackets inside. Brighter and lighter colors make spring feel closer to a full arrival as we wait patiently for the snow to stop falling. What could you do to incorporate a sense of spring into your wardrobe?

When I made my way through campus, I found this Fashionisto leaving his dorm and heading to the dining hall to grab a bite to eat with his friends. This outfit may seem like an easy go-to look, but what caught my eye was the yellow accent in the sweater. This Fashionisto stepped out in a navy blue half-zip sweater with yellow accents in the collar and brand logo. The yellow accent really added a pop of color and reminded us that spring isn’t too far away. To me, yellow is the color that symbolizes spring the most. When I see yellow I think of spring and happiness because it’s the the color of the sun and smiley faces. Underneath this sweater, he wore a brown button-down shirt. The sweater that covered majority of the button-down gives this outfit a more casual vibe. This navy and yellow half-zip sweater works nicely paired with the bluish gray jeans. These jeans start off rich in color and fade lighter from the middle of thighs to a little past the knees and then returns to the richer blue at the bottom.

This Fashionisto walked out in gray boat shoes. This footwear is a good option because they are casual, yet it’s something better to wear than sneakers. Now that it’s sunnier outside, it’s difficult to walk around without squinting or shielding your eyes with your hands. To avoid the sun, he blocked it with black wayfarer sunglasses. These sunglasses are classic and can be worn with anything. They serve its purpose and are stylish to be seen in.

Hint: Boat shoes are an excellent transitional item and every guy should have a pair in his closet. Boat shoes provide more coverage than a flip-flop or a sandal and less coverage than a sneaker or a dress shoe. These versatile shoes can be worn in a casual way or a dressier occasion for a night out in the town.


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