Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s been a recent trend in open toed sandals for guys and I just had to find this fashion piece on campus. Luckily, the weather is heating up here in the state of Georgia and college boys all over campus are welcoming the summer with their open toed sandals, also known as Chacos. Our Fashionisto rocks the Chacos on this hot summer’s day of our final week of finals.

First off, let us admire our Fashionisto’s color scheme, which by the way looks great with the green grass and trees on campus. The green T-shirt and khakis look great paired with his brown Chacos. I love clever graphic T-shirts and there are always great deals on them at just about any store you can think of. Khaki shorts are always a good investment to have especially in the summer. Switch up your usual basketball shorts or jean shorts and try khakis. They basically go with anything because of the neutral color!

You guys know that I am an accessories fan and I love a good watch to complete any outfit. Nice watches are hard to find good deals on so I would suggest that if you are looking for a good, staple watch, you should invest a little in it and maybe splurge on it because in the end, it will be worth it.

Hint: My hint to you of course is to experiment with these Chaco sandals. Granted they are pricey but you can always find knockoff ones of the original. This pair is half price of the normal brand. It is the beginning of summer and we both know you are tired of wearing sneakers in the blazing hot summers so jump on this trend this summer and experiment!


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