Let's Hear it for the Boys

Growing up in California, I learned that the key to looking great and feeling comfortable is layering. With so many different microclimates, it can be impossible to predict the weather. This skill proves especially useful throughout the winter at Villanova, as classrooms are oftentimes much warmer than the weather outside. Not only does it serve a practical function for the winter, but it can also improve an outfit by adding texture or a pop of color.

This particular Fashionisto took to heart this element of style. Throwing on a simple gray sweater over a plaid shirt, he kept warm while still looking fashionable. Gray sweaters, like this from J.Crew, are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything if not just worn on their own. Sweaters have definitely been a staple in my own wardrobe and have seen their fair share of use. What also caught my attention about this Fashionisto’s outfit were his duck boots. Only after moving to the East Coast did I begin to appreciate this classic American boot. Giving off a rugged yet refined feel, the duck boot looks great on with a simple pair of jeans and a shirt; it can especially come in handy when it snows. A classic American brand, L.L.Bean, sells its duck boot here at a very reasonable price. The red laces he incorporated look fantastic. While they can easily be overlooked, laces are a subtle way to add some flare, if done correctly. They pick up both the red in his shirt and add a pop of color to his outfit. Even though it can sometimes look dreary outside, some color during the winter months can never hurt.

Hint: Never skimp on accessorizing. The watch this Fashionisto is sporting is a simple Timex, and is one of my personal favorites. Switching out watchstraps according to an outfit is becoming an increasingly popular trend among guys. This is definitely where you can incorporate some color and you can use it as a conversational piece.


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