LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Stylish Sweatshirts

Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is a common theme on most college campuses once Monday morning rolls around: comfort. Many of us are familiar with the lazy morning process, which includes heading out the door with three minutes to spare while sporting that go-to sweatshirt we’ve had since high school. However, many are opting for a more stylish alternative that is just as easy to put together in a hurry and, luckily, just as comfortable.

The OBEY crew and hooded sweatshirts are on the rise among Virginia Commonwealth University. OBEY, the work of graphic designer Shepard Fairey, is a brand with a very interesting message behind it. Fairey hoped to create some curiosity about art through various different prints, particularly the face of professional wrestler Andre the Giant, which is shown on many of their basic tees and sweatshirts. It is most often accompanied by the world “OBEY” somewhere underneath.

Although a lot of OBEY garments have Andre the Giant’s face on them, this particular sweatshirt, sold at Urban Outfitters, was made to stand out with its eye-catching tribal print in various warm shades. This Fashionisto did a good job of pairing a busy sweatshirt with some basic colored khaki-like denim. By steering clear of the classic blue jean, which would have led to an all blue ensemble, he added some contrast to his look through his pants. Overall, this outfit is all about comfort and relaxation but is just enough to stand out from the sea of sweatshirts.

Hint:  So, you don’t own anything similar to this. That’s okay! This look would appear just as complete with a thick, patterned sweater, often referred to these days as “grandpa sweaters.”  The good thing about these is that they are  incredibly cheap and easy to come by, found in abundance at most thrift stores.


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