LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Stylish School Spirit

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The first week back to class means over-packed lecture halls, complaints about how little sleep everyone is getting and seeing college gear everywhere you look. Of course, wanting to represent your school is a great thing; the only problem with college gear, is that it normally isn’t very trendy or fashionable. Fortunately, this problem doesn’t phase cunning Fashionistos like the one I was lucky to run into this week.

After being overwhelmed with school colors, and running into the same college crew neck sweatshirt 47 times a day — this Fashionisto was a breath of fresh air. I spotted him crossing the street, and immediately interrupted his phone call by flagging him down. Sporting a subtle Berkeley T-shirt under his stunning emerald varsity jacket, brought a tear of joy to my eye. This outfit is such great way to show school spirit in a unique and more sophisticated manner. A much better look than the average school sweatshirt and basketball shorts. To add even more sophistication, this Fashionisto wore a great pair of khakis; stepping away from the predictable blue jean. If khakis aren’t your thing, try colored denim instead!

What impressed me most about this Fashionisto, is how adventurous he is with color. The deep green in the varsity jacket, with the hint of navy blue in the T-shirt alone is a great combination, but he doesn’t stop there — the shoes most definitely steal the show. Not only are they probably the coolest shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on, but they add so much to this outfit. The crazy color splatters of yellow, red and purple beneath the large black Nike symbol add so much boldness and fun to this otherwise sophisticated outfit. Lastly, he emphasizes the red in the shoe with a brilliant burgundy beanie; completely typing the whole outfit together. There’s definitely something admirable about this bold Fashionisto who separates himself from the crowd with surprising color combinations and great layering pieces.

Wearing a classic piece and adding something unexpected to it, is a great way to earn Fashionisto points. Doing this is an even better way to step out of the box. In fact, this Fashionisto got me in the spirit to sport some new college gear, and wear it in a unique way. I hope you all do the same!

Hint: Step out of the box this week and wear a classic basic T-shirt in an unexpected way. Under a cardigan with a fabulous pair of shoes, or paired with a great pair colored denim — be unique, Fashionistos!


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