LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Stylish and Stress-free

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When it comes to these last few weeks of finals, our tanks are running on their last few drops of fuel. Professors have slammed us with project after project, presentation after presentation and exam upon exam. We’ve been posted up in the library eating god knows what and by what I mean double-stuffed Oreos and copious amounts of Easter candy. Red bulls and coffee have been continuously swimming in the system on tap. Let’s just say we’ve been better.

So what’s a good stress reliever? Clothes, my friends, clothes! Of course exercising, hanging with friends and venting to mom on the phone are all good ways of coping with stress. But there’s nothing like throwing on a nice outfit and in affect adding a lovely start to your day. As this week’s Fashionisto walks to his last class of the semester, I spotted his laid-back ensemble and quickly approached. His paisley, athletic shorts paired with a surprisingly formal white button-up made for an interesting juxtaposition of materials. In a mass of tired students rocking the double sweats (the classic sweatpants and sweatshirt combo) this Fashionisto opts for a more put together look.

In the overwhelming atmosphere of finals week, seek stress relief through what you wear. When you look good, you will feel good. Whenever I’m battered with work, doing simple things like wearing my nice jacket that day or even doing my nails instantly puts me in a better state of mind. Dressed for success for the day, you are ready to kill it on that morning’s exam or have an awesome final presentation. Take it from this Fashionisto as he accessorizes his outfit with a large face watch, simple black sunglasses and printed socks. These small gestures make for an even more pleasing outfit, adding touches of personal style.

Hint: To obtain for this week’s outfit, look for mixing contrasting pieces. Like this Fashionisto, take a formal piece in combination with a casual piece to create a casually cool and stress-free vibe. For a similar effect in the opposite order, try a loose-fitting sweatshirt-like top with a fitted pant. Keep the colors relatively muted and add more solid neutrals as starting point of the outfit.


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