LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Stylin’ While Studyin’

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With midterms fast approaching at Cal Poly, it is more than understandable to want to roam around campus in sweatpants and a comfy T-shirt. After all, with the surmounting stress of exams, the upcoming deadlines of projects and essays due, who has the time to worry about looking stylish? Well, luckily for all those Fashionistos out there, it takes minimal effort to make menswear appear chic and fashionable.

This week’s Fashionisto proves that even in the middle of midterms, you can look sleek and in style. First off, our Fashionisto’s clothing choices are relatively basic. He pairs a light blue, Tommy Hilfiger button-down shirt with dark wash skinny jeans. The crispness of our Fashionisto’s button-down shirt allows his outfit to look smart and sophisticated. Additionally, skinny jeans (especially if they are on the stretchier side) are a perfect way to look fashionable while still being comfortable. Overall, our Fashionisto’s somewhat preppy, yet casual ensemble looks put together as well as effortlessly cool.

Although it may take a bit more effort, wearing unique accessories are a way to add personality to an otherwise minimalistic outfit. Our Fashionisto finishes off his subdued ensemble with fun, yet practical pieces. His light gray Vans with brown laces are not only stylish but also insanely comfortable. Essentially, they are the ideal footwear for making the trek from classroom to classroom. Furthermore, our Fashionisto’s sleek stainless steal watch is excellent for keeping a track of time during an exam. His mirrored orange and red sunglasses are surprisingly awesome when paired with the rest of his neutral colored clothing. This allows his bright shades to stand out without looking obnoxious or too loud.

Hint: Studying for exams is hard work as it is, so it is understandable to want to put minimal effort in your appearance. However, looking nice can be easy when choosing basic, practical pieces. Wearing a button down shirt and a stylish watch are simple ways to appear put together. Also, putting on a pair of tennis shoes and stretchy skinny jeans can make an outfit look cool while still being comfortable.


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