Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fashion is not only about the clothes you wear. Your hairstyle, makeup and even nail polish can make a difference between a flawless ensemble and an “ok” outfit. Whether you want Jared Leto’s stunning ombré or Kelly Osbourne’s lavender hair, college is the right place to experiment.

It was impossible not to spot this Fashionisto with his outstanding hairstyle.  Those blonde locks are fun and unique. In his case, his hair is his best accessory. When it comes to his outfit, it is casual and somewhat sporty. He looks effortless, yet chic; something he didn’t think twice about, but it still looks stylish.

When in doubt, follow his example: You can never go wrong with black on black. His lavender shirt stands out compared to the rest of the outfit. It is that pop of color that add freshness to his look. The dark blue hoodie adds warmth and a sporty feel. Black skinny jeans and a black peacoat make his look more elegant and classic. His black and gray scarf is the other main accessory. It adds pattern to the monochrome look and goes well with both a peacoat and a hoodie. He finishes his outfit with gray sneakers. If you feel fancier, substitute sneakers for oxfords and ditch the hoodie—that would instantly take your outfit from day to night.

Hint: Next time you go to your hairdresser try to spice it up. Be spontaneous and get those bangs you always dreamed of. You can regret it later, but for now you are too young to care.


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