Let's Hear it for the Boys

One of the most difficult things for a true Fashionisto to do can be something as simple as deciding what to wear to the library. On one side, you want to be as comfortable as possible, because you realize you will be spending endless hours held hostage inside the library and you want to be relaxed, (as if that’s possible) but on the other hand, us college kids all know that the library is a social scene, and not just any scene, I’m talking you see absolutely everyone you know. So, how do you decide what to wear that is in between, “I don’t give a crap what I look like” and “Oh, I’m just here to study but hey I’m still looking pretty fresh?” Well, this Fashionisto who was on his way to study for his organic chemistry exam definitely knew how to pull it off!

First of all this Fashionisto rocks that just rolled out of bed hairstyle that us girls love so much, but not only that he looks pretty put together in his casual button-up plaid flannel, Nike basketball shorts and Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes. For somebody who is about to hit the library for a couple hours he looks pretty well kept. And the great news about this ensemble is that it is easy as pie to achieve.

First thing first, when it comes to a great library outfit the first thing you need to think about are the shoes. Most of your comfort stems from your feet. These boat shoes are perfect to stroll to the library and back – not only do they look good but also they are extremely comfortable and will last you a really long time. Although this Fashionisto chose to wear basketball shorts I would suggest a more stylish pair of shorts like these from Urban Outfitters, they’re comfortable yet look more put together and attractive. And lastly, a nice breathable flannel with a fun pattern is always nice to top off a great library outfit to improve your study swag.

Hint: Remember, when you look good you feel good! So, although you may be dreading the library with all your might and feel like throwing a sweat suit on, avoid it! I believe that when you look good and feel good you’ll feel better about yourself, which will ultimately make you happier and more productive. So, don’t hesitate to take a couple extra minutes getting ready for the library, your grade will thank you later.


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