LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Studded Standout

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Many college students fear standing out — they fear professors calling them out in large lecture halls, they fear being looked at as different and they fear not blending in. The absence of these fears is what makes Fashionistas/os so special. Fashionistas/os crave the spotlight, they want to stand out.

This Fashionisto is no exception. With this ensemble he is forcing the spotlight to follow him around all day and he is definitely not shying away from the attention. This Fashionisto’s look is chic from the top of his head with his high ponytail to the tips of his toes with his bold studded lace-up shoes. A ponytail and a pair of daring studded shoes would be enough to make anyone stand out in a crowd, but this Fashionisto doesn’t stop there. He continues his stylish look with a pair of pleated gray cropped pants and a simple yet modern, gray and white color-blocked button-up shirt.

He chose to accessorize his outfit with a variety of trendy pieces. He gave his ensemble a professional feel by adding a pair of black suspenders and a gold wristwatch. This Fashionisto clearly knows that any successful outfit must be versatile as well as stylish — he made sure that his professional outfit could quickly transform into an edgy ensemble by throwing a trendy leather motorcycle jacket on top of his collared shirt. This Fashionisto’s look makes it clear that he is confident and that he has a very strong personal style. Even though his ensemble is void of bright colors and prints, he makes sure this black, white and gray look commands attention by pairing together unique and eye-catching fashion items.

Making a good impression is a vital part of the college experience whether it’s in an interview, a class or at a job. Fashion is an amazing way to make a strong and memorable impression on someone. The perfect way to utilize fashion is to copy this Fashionisto’s strategy and wear striking and creative outfits to make sure that they stand out and are unforgettable. While the rest of the world is scared of attracting attention, don’t be afraid to be a true Fashionisto and steal that spotlight!

Hint: Instead of striving to blend in, take a cue from this Fashionisto and pick out pieces that make you stand out from the crowd. Many people believe that in order to create an eye-catching ensemble, they must incorporate bright colors and patterns into their looks. This Fashionisto proves that it’s possible to command attention in a variety of subdued hues as well. When picking out your trendy and striking look, be aware that instead of searching for vivid colors and funky patterns, you can choose simple and unique pieces that are equally as eye-catching!


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