LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Staying Warm with Flying Colors

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It can be hard to distinguish a dedicated Fashionisto from an average joe when cold weather hits. In winter, college students tend to bundle up in near-identical outerwear. Who’s to say whether beneath a basic black pea coat lies a funky vintage cardigan or a ratty old Hanes?

This Fashionisto uses outer layers to emphasize his personal style rather than conceal it. Opting for multiple lightweight jackets over of a single heavy coat, he constructs an interesting yet effortless-looking ensemble. The layered look allows him to experiment with color and texture but keeps him nearly as warm as a North Face would.

Incorporating all three primaries into his outfit, this Fashionisto makes it clear that he doesn’t shy away from color. Still, he keeps his multicolored look fairly mellow by choosing earthy shades over gaudy ones. His rugged blue suede button-down perfectly complements his retro mustard turtleneck. And his pale red outdoor jacket not only contributes to the vintage vibe, but also streamlines his look.

To offset the boldness of his richly hued top layers, he sports simple dark jeans on bottom. Notably, he favors a slightly relaxed fit over the slim-leg style popular among trend-conscious undergrads. This contributes the old-school feel of the outfit, and in this Style Guru’s humble opinion, seems much more comfortable. He rolls up the legs a bit to reveal a pair of rustic leather booties. Their folky energy adds character to this intricately crafted outfit, but their neutral tone keeps them from outshining the colorful outerwear.

To create a groovy layered look similar to this Fashionisto’s, start with a turtleneck in an unexpected color. Rummage through your closet (or maybe even your dad’s) to find lightweight outerwear to pile on top. If you want to take the trend even further, try adding a third layer between your button-down and jacket, like a sporty vest.

Though perhaps chosen more for function than style, the camera around this Fashionisto’s neck gives his look personality. A vintage Polaroid looks cool with almost any outfit.


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