LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Staying Really, Really Warm

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As I was heading into our school’s library during finals week, I was forced to do a double-take. I had to check if Macklemore (of “Thrift Shop” infamy) was on our campus for some unimaginable reason. Alas, it was only a fellow student, but a very stylish (and very, very warm) student. Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that can help separate your look from the crowd. At other times, it’s the biggest details. Without further ado, let’s talk about this Fashionisto’s statement outerwear!

Men and women both tend to favor things that they are most comfortable with. The too common result is that we end up all wearing pieces that are pretty similar to what everyone else has on. Perhaps no better category of clothing illustrates this better than outerwear. Today’s Fashionisto, however, certainly breaks the mold. He starts his chic outfit off by pairing three key items: gray pants, a gray shirt and a gray scarf. (Check out this CollegeFashionista post on scarves for men.) He then shows how adding a little something extra (or rather big something extra) can set a Fashionisto’s style apart from the crowd. Best of all, he gets to stay warm in record-cold Texas weather.

If there’s one major lesson I have come to appreciate during my two semesters writing LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS articles, it’s that individuality can be hard to come by within the realm of menswear. One major factor accounting for this is that in general, Fashionistos are offered much less variety and have fewer choices. Another factor is that a lot of college-age males tend to play it safe with looks that they believe suit them and their lifestyle. Allow today’s Fashionisto to convince you that male or female, you don’t have to settle for boring outerwear.

With the growing presence of fur for men on runways (including Vivienne Westwood, Giorgio Armani, John Galliano and Viktor & Rolf in recent years), lavishness and luxury are on the rise for men’s fashion. You could ease your way into the trend and look for a coat with a fur collar or look for a fur scarf. You could alternatively use this Fashionisto as inspiration and go for the furriest option you can find. Staying warm won’t be one of your worries your winter.

Hint: Taking advantage of different textures can keep you warm in winter, but it can also add another visual layer to your outfits. Next time you go shopping, look for different materials you don’t already own. See if you can find faux/real fur, faux/real leather, tweed, wool, corduroy, fleece, flannel, velvet, shearling, mohair or cashmere. There are so many options out there. This winter, make sure you’re not limiting yourself!

Check out how to recreate this look with eBay here.

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