Let's Hear it for the Boys

Oddly, whether we realize this or not, we associated certain colors with certain seasons. Fall is red and orange and winter is blue and white, right? But spring is different because when I think of spring I think of a bunch of different colors, because it reminds me of gardens of flowers! Sorry, I’m getting a little carried away. Anyway, spring is in the air and where there is spring there is also beautiful weather, bright colors and good spirits… well for the most part! Our Fashionisto this week knows how to dress and start off with a bang this spring season!

I’m a sucker for any shade of pink or red, and even though our Fashionisto’s shirt is probably a bit coral or salmon, I adore the color! Like I’ve said before, its spring, experiment with color with your button-downs, especially if you’re pairing your outfit with some chinos like our Fashionisto is modeling. I like the trend of chinos because they remind me of a cooler version of cargo shorts because they aren’t too baggy and are quite stylish. Chino shorts are trending now so don’t hesitate to buy a pair and try them out. I can’t wait to see what other new trends will form over this spring and summer season!

Going back to our Fashionisto, his accessory game is on point this week, not to mention his shoes. Ugh, you guys know how much I love men’s shoe trends. The two different materials look great together and I’m a sucker for suede anything! His accessories all seem to coordinate with his shoes. Our Fashionisto’s belt pattern is awesome and the width is just right for his outfit. Again with the coordination of his accessories, his tortoiseshell sunglasses and his watch math quite nicely and our Fashionisto this week knows how to balance out an outfit with the right amount of accessories.

Hint: Like I said earlier, its spring! Take some risks, experiment with colors. If you don’t like the colorful button-down on top and chinos on the bottom then flip it around. Wear a neutral color button-down and wear colored chinos; there is an endless number of possibilities. So try something new, try a new color or trend. Live your life on the edge a little bit, or at least, your fashion life!


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