Let's Hear it for the Boys

There are always those days when you just cannot wear jeans! With midterms in full swing, studying until the sun rises is not a rare occurrence for some. So for those, the comfy casual look is a must!

This Fashionisto decided to opt for the sporty look with Nike and Lululemon apparel. His pants are Nike DriFit spandex, which make for a great fit! Instead of choosing the baggy, oversized sweatpants, this Fashionisto decided to wear fitted running pants. These pants are specific for running, but they can be worn to class as post-workout attire or post-all nighter. Many boys may be uncomfortable with wearing tighter workout pants, but they are perfectly fitted for a male figure. Don’t be afraid to try different athletic clothes. There is no need to wear pajama pants to class when you want to be comfortable. Instead choose a more fashionable athletic look.

The shirt is a loose fitting Lululemon long sleeve shirt. Yes, the shirt is Lululemon, and no, it is not from the female department! Many men do not know that Lululemon has begun a male line. The shirt is a very soft spandex material and does not clingy to the body. It is a great style because it is long enough but not baggy. It also has a great fake pocket, which adds a great pop of color. The shirt is a very simple chic look for any trendy Fashionisto. As for shoes, the classic old school New Balance shoe is back. This Fashionisto wrapped his look up with a brand new pair of New Balance sneakers in a charcoal gray.

Hint: A great way to add a pop of color is to add a hat, just like this Fashionisto. The hat is a great salmon color that adds a little bit of brightness to the very black and white outfit. Other ways to add a pop of color would be through color shoes, shoe laces or a bag. Color is fun to play with in a look. It should be used to add some more interest and flair to fashionable look.


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