LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Let's Hear it for the Boys

A couple of years ago, when I was digging around in my basement storage room looking for something I don’t think I ever found, I stumbled across the most beautiful brown leather laptop bag. I asked my mom about it only to find out it had been her carryall bag from her university days. Partially because I thought it was fitting that I continued the family tradition and partially because of the sheer beauty of this vintage leather Tusting bag, I took it with me back to university that weekend. Years later, I still use it.

It is vintage pieces like this that are my favorite. They come with a history, a story. The other day on campus, I bumped into someone who agreed with me. This Fashionisto, a PhD student studying political science, was on his way to a meeting across campus when I stopped him for a quick photo. His rich leather bag was also a vintage item from his parent’s: “I found it in my house. One of the straps is even broken!” But it’s these imperfections that make a vintage piece so unique and desirable.

This was also the case for this Fashionisto’s scarf, which was his favorite item in this look. “My friend knitted it for me. I love it.” For those of us that don’t have friends with the same talents, I propose this knit scarf from the Gap.

Not every piece in this look is outsourced, however. The royal blue peacoat coat is from Brooks Brothers, just a short walk away from campus at Bloor and St. George. Growing up with a father who lived in Brooks Brothers dress shirts, it’s no surprise that this piece is my favorite in this look. I didn’t get a chance to ask this Fashionisto about his purple jeans before he had to run off to his meeting, but colored denim has been a huge trend this season. Jeans like this can be found almost anywhere, like this pair I found at H&M.

The purple jeans and rich blue jacket make this look colorful without being over the top. The colors, found close together on the color scale, complement one another rather than contrast. This Fashionisto continues with this trend of complementary colors and matches his brown boots to his brown bag. For a political science student who claims to not follow fashion, this Fashionisto manages to put on a current and creative look for his meeting.

Hint: It’s definitely a myth that the bag always has to match the shoes, but keeping the two in a similar shade can ground a more playful outfit like this one.


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