Let's Hear it for the Boys

On March 17th, campus is swarming with people decked out in their Saint Patrick’s Day green. The ways in which college students display their Irish pride can range anywhere from your classic green T-shirt to a lavish display of every piece of green clothing or green accessory that someone found in their closet. When the theme of everyone’s outfits are the same during one day of the year, it can be a bit difficult to find someone in particular that stands out for their style alone.

As I wandered through campus, I was staring down every person, analyzing their clothing. I was determined to find a Fashionisto both wearing the proper color and not wearing either something ridiculous or something that looked like what every other guy was wearing. When this Fashionisto caught my eye, I immediately turned on my heel and caught up with him. As I got closer, it wasn’t his very classy display of Saint Patty’s green that stood out to me anymore. Interestingly enough, it was his socks that caught my eye.

This ensemble was clearly very carefully put together. The sleeves of his light green button-down from Express were rolled to give it the perfect mixture of dressy yet casual. The gray chinos from J.Crew that he paired with the shirt kept the tones of his outfit downplayed and soft. His shoes were also of a gentle color. Adding a classy vibe to this Fashionisto’s outfit, these slate blue suede shoes would make even Elvis, the suave “Blue Suede Shoes” singer, proud. The subtle coloring of this attire is what truly made my favorite part of the outfit pop. The navy stripes in his trouser socks really stood out against the background that is the rest of his clothes when glimpses of the socks can be seen from under his pant legs as he walks. This Fashionisto set himself apart from all others when he put his own personal style spin on the traditional green of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Hint: When dressing in subtle colors, add a bright pop of pattern in an unexpected place like this Fashionisto did with his socks. But, make sure that the rest of your outfit has peaceful tones, so that the pattern you choose really stands out.


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