Let's Hear it for the Boys

When we think of wearing socks, we don’t necessarily think of summer. This clothing staple is usually reserved for winter when it’s absolutely necessary so you don’t freeze your toes off. However, socks are making an appearance not only during the winter season, but in summer as well. This week’s Fashionisto shows us that this summer it’s all about the vibrant colors and vibrant patterns from shirts, shorts and now socks!

Luckily for us all, spring has finally made an appearance. With so many different options to show off our spring style, it’s tough to make a statement. However, this week’s Fashionisto stands out with an unlikely piece: his socks. I like the way he matched his polo shirt to the baby blue strip on the lining of his socks. Matching clothes can be tricky sometimes with bright colors because it’s all about moderation. This Fashionisto masters this look because of the moderation in color between his socks and shirt.

Another thing I liked about this Fashionisto’s look were his bermuda shorts. The thing about shorts and guys is that there is a misconception that shorts have to be below the knee. However, designers have been hiking up the hem lines to show a little bit of thigh. This look is crucial this summer because designers aren’t just making shorts shorter, but also swim trunks. In order to avoid those summer tan lines, shorts and swim trunks that go above the knee are your best bet. For comfort as well as style, these shorts will give you all you need to avoid having multiple tan lines and avoid discomfort in the heat.

Hint: If you’re willing to try this new summer look, ease into it with a simpler sock pattern. Not only will it make it easier in matching your socks to another clothing item, but it will also keep your look simple. Remember guys, sometimes less is more—especially when you have such a bold statement as the socks this Fashionisto rocks!


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