Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s a sure bet that every Fashionisto has at least one pair of statement sneakers in his closet. With countless brands taking notice of all the fashionable fellas, the amount of daring footwear options out in the market has every sneakerhead looking his or her best. Besides adding style to any look, this form of footwear can be dressed up or down, depending on your agenda for the day. Take a look at how today’s style star incorporated his pair for a casual day at school.

Today’s Fashionisto opted for footwear that undeniably suited his cool and laid back style. Along with his stellar kicks, a galaxy-inspired graphic T-shirt provided such amazing combinations of color that caught my attention from afar. This fellow’s updated chinos added to the relaxed vibe by being paired with a cap, sunglasses and jewelry. This set of accessories can make any ensemble feel complete and stand apart from the pack with an array of details that are an extension of your own personal take on fashion.

While this Fashionisto paired his cool kicks with casual garments, these same sneakers would look awesome with items that are typically more polished and tailored. For a night out, layering a navy blazer over this look would effortlessly dress up his eye-catching footwear. Quiet sneakers are a thing of the past, and sporting a pair of statement footwear with just about any ensemble you own is one smart way to stay stylish and comfortable.

Hint: These days, sneakers are an essential part of every Fashionisto’s wardrobe. Add the perfect edge to your stylish outfits by rocking a pair that will get you noticed. You can never go wrong with classic shapes offered by iconic brands such as Vans. Their collaboration with Kenzo was a match made in heaven, and sought after by the industry’s most stylish dudes. Now, you too can hop into a pair of fancy footwear. With an affordable price tag, pairing these cool kicks with your tailored chinos or your favorite denim jeans will keep you in the game without drying out your bank account.


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