LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Snap Out of the Winter Blues

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The winter months have the tendency to bring out the darker colors of our wardrobes, leaving our brighter colors to collect dust in our closets. There’s something about the cold weather, the short days and the leafless trees that cause people to gravitate towards more somber colors. Especially in D.C., it is easy to see people rushing by on the sidewalks, trying to get out of the cold as soon as possible, not caring what they’re wearing as long as they stay warm. However, winter doesn’t have to be viewed in such a negative light! There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh snowfall or more delicious than a cup of hot cocoa this time of year. Seeing the sun shining on the glassy surface of the frozen Potomac River and people ice skating at the Waterfront are the quintessential scenes that prove winter is a wonderful time of year.

If you want to follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps and stand out from the sea of dull, gray winter attire, try rocking neon. Usually reserved for raves and the Jersey Shore, neon is a fun way to spice up a winter essential like a puffer jacket. This Fashionisto pairs his fluorescent puffer with basic black pants and caramel colored leather shoes. These pieces go well with the puffer because they add a wintery feel to the look in addition to balancing out the vibrant jacket. What’s great about this Fashionisto’s jacket is that it is a staple item for the winter and can be worn all season long. If you’re like me, wearing bright colors instantly lightens up my day and puts me in a good mood. If you ever feel like you’re falling into a winter slump, it is a quick and easy way to turn that frown upside down.

Hint: For a neon piece you can rock all winter, try a bright jacket like this Fashionisto. If you’re just testing the waters of this trend, try opting for a bold accessory like a hat or a scarf. Socks are also a fun way to add some color into an outfit in this cold weather. For the warmer seasons, neon shirts are very popular along with neon shoes


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