LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Snap Into Summertime

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As the weather finally starts to warm up, one of my favorite looks is finally coming back into the scene. I’m talking about the summery surfer boy look. This look is perfect because it is one that is easy to pull off, and it’s a nice all around chill vibe, which is perfect for those relaxing summer days.

This Fashionisto knows exactly what I’m talking about. The look that I am describing is that laid back, beachy look that we all love to rock in the summertime. Although it isn’t quite summer yet, I know all of us Penn Stater’s are extremely excited that this long winter is finally coming to an end and we are having a nice smooth transition into spring and summer. This Fashionisto pictured here is a surfer boy from South Jersey, so his look is quite authentic.

In order to pull of this look, a Fashionisto has to get the perfect fun summery snapback. I’m not talking about the old school snapbacks I’m talking about the newer ones that are coming out that are colorful, playful and somewhat retro. This snapback by Stussy is sick! I love how colorful it is and it’s bound to grab people’s attention and definitely get you some compliments. I also like this hat from Stussy because it’s colorful and bright. This snapback by Tropicalia is also pretty awesome and the geo-print is fresh to death. I would definitely suggest one of these three. It’s an easy addition to any outfit, you’re bound to stand out and it will also keep the sun from getting in your eyes.

Hint: When you’re looking to get summery remember that colorful bright tank tops will go a long way, and you’ll always want to pair whatever you’re wearing with one of these edgy and fun snapbacks. It’s all about playing around with different patterns and colors and just finding what you like about your individual style. Have fun with it!


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