Let's Hear it for the Boys

Wearing patterns in the winter can be tricky. For example, purchasing a patterned coat is a risk, a risk few take. And while patterns can be layered, a coat can easily cover them up. But with the right amount of layers, patterns can still be seen. Just look at this week’s Fashionisto with his multi-layered winter look. His layers are enough to allow for an open-jacket look. It allows for a sampling of each pattern and layer. His outfit proves that winter isn’t only about monochromatic and/or neutral looks.

Patterns aren’t for everyone though. Many shy away from a pattern (not to say this is a bad thing, as I, too, tend to lean towards patternless clothing). This Fashionisto, however shows that not all patterns aren’t always loud designs or the classic stripes, dots, or floral prints. They can be worn subtly and not only that, but also mixed. This Fashionisto’s style looks effortless and rather than being risk-taking, his outfit’s blend of patterns looks natural.  Mixing patterns, whether it be a patterned scarf with patterned shoes or a patterned coat with a patterned button-up, is completely unique and interchangeable. It’s a great style tactic this season that provides a plethora of opportunity for mix-and-match layers.

Hint: If you’re new to patterns and want to get this Fashionisto’s look, ease patterns into your wardrobe with a scarf like this one from ASOS. To keep inline with the fair isle trend,  snag this scarf from ASOS. If you’re looking to add more patterns into your closet, I recommend getting a  pullover to blend into your outfit.  I love both the mohair trend and the tartan trend, so this sweater from Topman is perfect. I’m also a huge fan of fall’s grid check pattern trend and this Topman sweater does the trick. Remember, patterns are all about experimenting and mixing-and-matching, so have fun with it!


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