Let's Hear it for the Boys

For many college students, as winter approaches, it becomes exceedingly difficult to force themselves out of bed and convince themselves to trek across campus to class in the frigid cold. For most students, once they actually make it out of bed and decide to brave the cold, choosing an outfit is easy. They will go straight to their most comfortable sweatpants and throw on their warmest jacket and be ready to go. The Fashionistas/os on campus have a much different approach to picking out the perfect winter wardrobe. While comfort is always important to Fashionistas/os, style always comes first. Instead of dreading the blizzards and large gusts of wind, Fashionistas/os look forward to the chance to create looks by layering and piecing together their favorite winter items.

It is easy to tell that this Fashionisto put a lot of effort into creating this warm and trendy ensemble. Instead of wearing a simple puffy winter coat, this Fashionisto chose to stay warm in a different way. He chose to utilize the trending technique of layering by wearing a tan and chocolate brown flannel shirt underneath a sage green quarter-zip sweater. He added a piece of his own personal style by topping his look off with a warm and trendy bright green and orange Ralph Lauren winter vest. This vest gives his look a pop of color and definitely helps him stand out in the sea of dull winter hues. He paired his layered look with a pair of simple blue jeans. He made sure his outfit was not only stylish, but practical as well. He picked a pair of dark brown and tan Sperry Top-Sider Cold Bay Boots, which are perfect for long walks to class in the snow. He accessorized his look by sporting yet another practical and fashionable item: a dark brown leather Kenneth Cole watch.

This Fashionisto definitely doesn’t let the winter weather hinder his style, and neither should you! Instead of hiding inside and fearing the cold, embrace the season and let it enhance your style.

Hint: In the sweltering heat of summer, many people are trying to beat the heat by wearing as few items of clothing as possible. In contrast, the chilly winter is the best time of the year for fashion! In the frosty weather, you get the chance to mix and match many pieces in order to stay warm. This winter, make sure you take the opportunity to be bold and daring when picking out your winter wardrobe. While you are striving to stay warm, make sure to heat up your style as well!


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