Let's Hear it for the Boys

Yes! The sun is out, and the spring weather if finally starting to peek through. Although we still have those days where it is hard to avoid wearing a winter coat, most of the time we are able to get by with just a few light layers, or in this case, just one layer.

Patterns are making a big splash this season, and this Fashionisto is demonstrating just that. His gray shirt is full of desaturated pops of color. Vivid and saturated colors are seen most often during the spring and summer seasons, where as neutrals and desaturated colors appear more frequently throughout the fall and winter. This Fashionisto’s desaturated Aztec patterned shirt is a perfect pattern and color combination for winter’s transition into spring.

The charcoal chinos paired with the predominately light gray shirt works well to compliment a similar combination seen in this Fashionisto’s choice of shoes. The flat faced chinos, opposed to that of pleated pants, allow for a slimmer look and fit. A slimmer fit pant can elongate the legs and add height to a person’s appearance.

Vans are a perfect shoe for spring. They are lightweight and comfortable for those long walks across campus. These shoes, along with shoes of similar style and flair, come in various different colors and patterns to compliment any look you desire.

This Fashionisto combines safety and style by wearing protective gloves and close toed shoes when long boarding. By plugging his ear buds in and turning the music up, this Fashionisto is ready to ride.

Hint: Men, if a full patterned shirt is too overwhelming for you, try a simple graphic T-shirt or a pattern on the breast pocket only.


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