LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Simplicity Is The #1 Policy

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Some people’s personal styles are completely exotic. They include a little bit of everything including patterns, smiley faces and even goat skin. But our last but certainly not least Fashionisto has a style that is opposite from that. It is different and sophisticated. He understands the meaning of setting a strong tone in a simple way. He does this by using a couple of colors in the best way possible.

He starts off with a classic black polo. Black is a strong color that you can pair with just about any other color. He decided to layer his black shirt with a gray blazer. Gray is an extension of black. That makes it as powerful. They are in the same family which means they will look appealing when next to each other. He kept it calm and added a wilder element towards the bottom of his look.

He is wearing bright red pants. That will catch anyone’s attention. Red is not a subtle color. It is a color of excitement. It changes your mood for the better. But he knew that so he added subtle accessories like leather black shoes and a belt. That will keep the look balanced, not too crazy but never too calm. He knows what to do to catch the public’s attention and never receive negative publicity.

Hint: Fashionistos everywhere, remember that when putting together any look it is okay to keep it simple. When picking simple colors to incorporate in your look think strong and powerful. Then finish the look off with a pop of bright color. That will balance your look. Always remember simplicity is the #1.


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