LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Simple Streetwear

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As the weather finally seems to match the date on the calendar, students are starting to take notice in everything they do. This includes expressing their joy for the weather in their daily outfits. This week’s Fashionisto shows us that although it isn’t quite warm enough for shorts and tanks, you can now ditch the winter coat for something a little less bulky.

The beginning of spring gives you the ability to wear something on other than a winter coat and boots. This is why I love that this Fashionisto paired his sweatshirt with a vest. The vest gives you coverage with temperatures still on the cooler side, while the sweater gives you warmth without causing overheating the way winter coats often do. I also like the color scheme of the outfit. The black vest is neutral enough to pair with a variety of colors, while the red sweatshirt gives boldness to an otherwise simple look.

This Fashionisto’s shoes are another bold item that complement the sweatshirt without overdoing the red. This Fashionisto’s sneakers are perfect for spring because they incorporate all the colors that can finally be worn in spring. By keeping the rest of the outfit simple, this Fashionisto is able to stand out with his kicks without looking too matched or too over done. This semester has been about the simplicity that fashion is not always known for. People think that fashion is something that is over-complicated, but this Fashionisto shows us that keeping it simple, with a few bold pieces, is all you really need to stand out.

Hint: Take a note from this Fashionisto by creating a stand out look without much effort. Simply find sneakers or shoes with bold patterns, colors and aesthetics and build off of them to create a simple look that matches but gives your sneakers the spotlight they deserve.


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